9 novembre 2014


As you all have probably noticed, we love flowers and romantic feminine looks. This is the reason why  we present you a small tutorial to get this nude, pink peony make-up look which is inspired from Burberry Spring-Summer 2014 Défilé.  

This look is actually very simple, casual yet original and very fashionable at the moment. It changes from the beige-brown degradé and makes your face look softer.

Primer and foundation is needed if you find yourself stuck with bad skin. Try either a BB or CC cream to get this shiny and smoothy skin tone. End up using NYX HD Concealer to hide little imperfections. It doesn't coast much and the quality is pretty good.  In order to make the face more shiny, we added some highlighter on the top of the cheek bones, on the tip of the nose and also on the forehead. This one is from Essence and to be honest, we are very impressed about the quality.  

To draw the brow's, we used MAC eyeshdow and a H&M pencil. We prefer to use eyeshadow instead of a traditional eyebrow pencil because your brow will look more natural. To fix it, we applied eyebrow mascara from Maybelline.

Then, focus on your eyes and choose the good rose shade that will fit your eye color. We didn't buy the Burberry's yet so we had to find something similar. Don't be afraid to use lipgloss on your eyelids, that's what we've done and it fits perfectly with fall season! We used a mat lipgloss from Essence and it gave the perfect shade we were looking for. 

To bring some glossy effect, we added a little bit of L'oreal lipstick. Finally, apply some mascara very carefully, (the Love Extreme from Essence is just fantastic ) and there it is!

We really love this look and with blue eyes it is just perfect!

We hope you enjoyed this post. Have you guys already try this look ? Feel free to show us your looks,  we would love to see them all !

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