29 septembre 2014


Hi guys!

Today is all about travel with this throwback tuesday post about our memorable trip to Copenhagen this  summer. You probably are thinking why the hell we would rather go to the North in Summertime instead of sunbathing in a heavenly beach somewhere drinking Pina Coladas…

Well to be honest, we never conceived about going to Danemark neither, mostly because it isn't an usual hot-spot to spend the perfect summer you dreamt of all year long. Nevertheless, and because we are good explorers, we were pretty excited to discover a dashing new city like Copenhagen, which is located in north Europe. Not far far away from Amsterdam, for those of you than can replace more the City of Maryjane than Danemark. Intrigued at first and agape at the end of our trip; Copenhagen is no disappointment.

If you think about going there, you'll meet stylish yet adorable people and discover a magic atmosphere for the greatest experience!  We only stayed a few days there but still was enough to fell in love with the cutest city ever! We really cared about the typical nordic architecture with small, colorful houses everywhere that share the territory with substantial royal monuments. And god, we've never seen so much and absolute dreamy parks right in the center of the city. As you have certainly noticed if you follow us on instagram, we are nature lovers especially with flowers, trees and all kind of green spaces.

If you enjoy walking, this city is made for you. In fact, it is quite small to walk around everywhere without taking public transport. Stay fit, go to Danemark! hehe.

As the greatest tourists, we also visited the most famous touristic attraction such as The Little Mermaid. Don't be too disappointed if you don't have the time visiting this little fish. We haven't been that amazed by it and it isn't a must-see at all.

On the last day, we went to a famed yet dear amusement park called Tivoli. It reminded us of a very old village from the twenties. Check out the Tivoli garden, peaceful green space, charming and calm for adult that want to escape from the crowd.

Don't wait no more, go to Copenhagen!

Pictures by Benoît Jordan

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